We have a wide range of fair trade, organic and eco-friendly toiletries and household products including refills for Ecover, Ecoleaf and Faith in Nature products – bring any empty bottle and refill yourself or ask for help!

Household cleaning and Laundry products download

Eco scourers, cloths, dusters 
Biodegradable bin bags, composting bags
Recycled clothes pegs and bag closures
Fair trade rubber gloves
Fair trade instant BBQ, olive pip charcoal, natural straw firelighters
Kitchen paper, toilet paper, cotton wool
Menstrual products including moon cup
Natural condoms and lubricants

Natural air fresheners
Eco paint and filler from Auro
Recycled printer paper, envelopes, document wallets
Gift wrap, raffia ribbon, greetings cards

Planters, coir compact compost, Eco Worm fertiliser and tomato feed, garden twine, grow mats, fair trade gardening gloves 




Natural and eco friendly shampoos, conditioners, soaps, moisturisers, toothpaste, mouthwash deodorants, essential oils, sunscreen, after sun, children and baby skin products, fragrance free products, olive oil products, organic cotton wool and cotton buds

Brands include
Faith in Nature (Some refills available too)


Urtekram Organics

Urtekram Organics

eco toiletries          Coconut Body Lotiion




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