Just some of the brands stocked…

Fair Trade and/or Organic Groceries and Drinks, Environmentally Friendly Toiletries and Household Cleaning products, many refillable.  Packaging-free dried goods  – call us if you are looking for something not listed:

Aloe Dent - toothpaste
Alter/Native by Suma - soap, shampoo, conditioner bars
Amaizin –  tortilla wraps and seasoning
Amisa - gluten free crispbreads
Aqua Oleum - organi essential oils
Artisan Grains - nut roasts

Barley cup - coffee substitutes
Being Fare - sprouter
Belvoir - cordials and sparkling drinks
Bergerie - goats cheese, sheeps cheese
Billingtons - sugar
BioD - Refills - hand soap and household cleaners
Biona - rye bread, canned beans, coconut cream, oil, sugar, pasta (inc. gluten free), 
nut butters, coconut butter substitute fruit juices, bottled vinegars, cider vinegar, 
Bonsan - pate, sweets, almond based cream cheese substitute
Booja Booja - vegan truffles

Cachet - chocolate
Cafedirect - teabags
Carleys - nut butters, mustard, preserved lemons
Chicza - natural chewing gum
Chocolate and Love - chocolate
Clearspring - cooking oils, soy sauces, sea vegetables, udon noodles, miso
Clipper - tea, herb infusions, instant coffee
Cultured Food Company - sauerkraut

Divine - chocolate
Doves Farm - vegan biscuits, flour, breakfast cereals, 
gluten free pasta, biscuits and flour
Dragonfly - tofu, tofu burgers

e-cloth - microfibre cloths and wash pads
Earth Conscious - natural, plastic-free, deodorant, nappy cream
Eat Real - hummus chips, veg straws
Eat Your Hat - chocolate
Ecoleaf - Refills - household cleaners, hand soap
Ecomil - almond milk
Ecozone - cleaning products
Environmental Toothbrush Company - bamboo toothbrush
Equal Exchange - coffee, honey, peanut butter, cocoa powder
Equinox - kombucha
Essential Trading - canned fruit, herbal infusions, yeast extract
Everfresh - sprouted wheat bread and cakes
Explore Cuisine - pasta

Faith in Nature - Refills - shampoo, conditioner, body wash, 
hand wash, soap
Fentimans - sparkling soft drinks
Fish4Ever - sustainably fished canned fish - mackerel, salmon, 
sardines, tuna
Foresta Fungus - dried mushrooms
Friendly Soap  Company - shampoo bars, soap

Geo Organics - canned dahl and stews, Indian and Thai curry pastes 
Georganics - plastic-free toothpaste (in glass jars)
Gran Stead's - ginger cordial
Green People - toothpaste, sunscreen
Greenfrog - soapnuts

Herbatint - hair dye
Hodmedod's - British dried pulses, canned dahl

Infinity Foods - Weigh Your Own - cereals, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, rice, pulses
 - cereal flakes, gluten free, speciality flour, herbs, spices, mayonnaise

Just Wholefoods - burger, falafal, hummus and sausage mixes, 
sugar free sweets, custard powder, vegan jelly powder

King Soba - noodles, dried miso soup 

La Bio Idea - canned beans, tomato puree, passata
Linwoods - milled flaxseed
Loofco - natural scrubbers
Luscombe - sparkling drinks
Lye Cross - cheese

Ma's Kitchen - coconut milk
Marigold - bouillon, yeast flakes, liquid aminos
Meridian - barley malt, molasses, date and maple syrup, peanut butter
Moo Free - vegan, alternative to milk chocolate

Nairns - oatcakes
Natracare - ladies' sanitary products
Nitty Gritty - head louse treatment

Oatly - milk and cream substitute, custard
Oliva - soap
Ombar - vegan raw chocolate sweetened with coconut nectar
Organic Her Trading Company - Weigh Your Own herbs, spices
Organic Seed & Bean - chocolate
Organico - grissini, pates, dips, olives, bottled vegetables

Pink Mountain - Himalayan salt
Profusion - gluten free pasta, linseed
Pukka - herbal infusions, aloe vera juice

Qi Herbal Health - green tea

Raw Chocolate Company - raw chocolate, cacao powder, cacao nibs, 
raw chocolate covered nuts and seeds
Rayners - black treacle, golden syrup
Rocks - fruit concentrates, squashes

Sarakan - toothpaste, mouth wash
Simply Gentle - organic cottonwool, plastic free cotton buds
Smooze - coconut frozen lollies
So Free by Plamil - vegan and sugar free chocolate
Sojade - hemp, rice, soya milk, soya yogurt (soya grown in France, rice in Italy)
Suma - canned tomatoes, puree, passata, vegan meatballs, agave syrup, 
peanut butter, pasta, canned soups, Fairtrade spices, sugar, pate, vegan pesto
Sunita - olive oil, halva, sesame bars

TerraSana - sauerkraut, liquorice,
Tick Tock - rooibos tea
Traidcraft - biscuits, tea, sugar, pasta, muesli, honey, marmalade, jam, chocolate
Tropical Wholefoods - dried fruit, nuts, cereal bars

Urtekram - organic shampoo, conditioner, body scrub, shower gel, hand cream

Vego - vegan hazelnut chocolate and spread

Weleda - natural toiletries and face creams, baby toiletries, nappy cream
Whole Earth - No Caf, sparkling canned drinks, 

Xylitol - sugar substitute

Yakso - egg noodles, seitan
Yaoh - hemp moisturiser, suncream, lip salve, shampoo, conditioner, 
shower gel, salve
Yaweco - toothbrushes (replacable heads)

Zaytoun - Palestinian olive oil, dates, almonds, za'atar, freekeh, maftoul, 
soap, cookbooks