Gluten/ Dairy Free Foods

A selection from our range of organic and low gluten or gluten free foods – call us to check other items.

Pasta & Noodles
Including: buckwheat, pumpkin, rice flour, red lentil, chickpea, spelt,edamame bean

Flours & Baking
brown rice, buckwheat, chickpea/gram, coconut, corn

polenta, potato, rye, spelt, tapioca, teff flours

Baking Powder
Bicarbonate of soda
Vitamin C

Xanthum Gum

Cereals / Grains

Barley, pearl and pot
Buckwheat groats
Couscous, white and wholegrain
Kasha (toasted buckwheat)

Oats, gluten free
Quinoa grain, flakes and puffs

Biscuits / Crackers / Bread
Amisa buckwheat, chickpea, quinoa crispbreads
Biona rye bread, pumpernickel
Clearspring oat cakes, rye crispbread
Doves Farm cookies
Nairns oat cakes

Gluten free organic stock cubes
Gluten free organic gravy & bouillon
Gluten free soy sauce

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