We have unusual and beautiful hand made gifts from fair trade workshops around the world.  Come in and browse for a unique gift – Just a few examples are

Swazi candles from South Africa
Handwoven baskets from Malaysia and Phillipines

baskets 2baskets

Handmade jewellery from various countries

jewellery         bracelets

Recycled glassware from Bolivia and tableware from Africa
glasses                 bowls

 Handmade Toys
skittles monkeycar jigsawmobile

3 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. Terry Jackson

    Last week I purchased, along with a large amount of other items including several Faith in Nature products, as gifts, 3 juggling balls. Today I’ve come to wrap gifts and the Juggling balls are missing – did I leave them in the shop?


    1. trishwhitham Post author

      Hello Terry, nobody recalls seeing them left on counter – usually they would be put aside but they could have got put away. if you like to call in to the shop you can pick up a set of juggling balls. Trish



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